Tijdelijke Local Rules KG&CC december 2020Temporary Local Rules KG&CC December 2020


Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

Out of bounds is defined by the line between the course-side points at ground level of white stakes and fence posts.

Ground Under Repair (GUR)

GUR is defined by blue stakes, white lines, or a ‘GUR’ notice and is a no play zone that is to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief must be taken from interference by the No Play Zone under Rule 16.1f.

Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Greens (MLR F-5)

In addition to the types of interference described in Rule 16.1a, when a ball lies in the general area, interference also exists if an immovable obstruction is on the player’s line of play, is within two club-lengths of the putting green, and is within two club-lengths of the ball. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b.

Exception – There is no relief under this Local Rule if the player chooses a line of play that is clearly unreasonable.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rules:

Matchplay – loss of hole; Strokeplay – two strokes.

Temporary Local Rules are published on the notice board in the clubhouse and available at the caddiemaster.


Distances: All distances indicated are measured in metres to the centre of the green:

1) on sprinkler heads on both sides of the fairway
2) posts with blue ring 100 m.
3) posts with yellow ring 150 m.

Orange flag: pin positioned on the front half of the green/Yellow flag: pin positioned on the back half of the green.

Course and Slope Rating: information is published in the hall of the caddiemaster.