at the Kennemer Golf & Country Club. Founded on December 11, 1910, the Kennemer Golf & Country Club moved to its present location in 1928, to the course newly designed by Harry Colt. Since, additions have been made based on Colt’s design principles, leading to the present 27 holes. The course has an open character so wind is an important factor. Whether amateur or professional, you will be challenged by the unique design, the heavy rough and the prevailing south-westerly wind, all features of this oldest seaside course in the country. The Kennemer Golf & Country Club has hosted many national and international amateur and professional tournaments. The Dutch Open has been played here on numerous occasions. In recent years we faced the challenge of presenting a top-quality course without the use of pesticides or other artificial substances. We are proud of the results so far and are confident that the quality of our tees and greens will improve further. A bunker renovation program is ongoing and if you happen to face a bunker shot, you will experience the improvements to our bunkers. We also welcome you to visit our historic clubhouse, also built in 1928, offering stunning views over the course. Our colleagues in the restaurant look forward to welcome you for drinks, lunch or dinner. We hope that you will fondly remember your visit to the Kennemer Golf & Country Club.

Wiegert Mulder, president KG&CC

Play options

Visitors holding a valid membership card from a golf club or equivalent association recognized by the NGF, or a foreign golf club, with a demonstrated maximum exact handicap of 24, are allowed to play at our course 3 times a year. On days when there are (club)competitions and / or guest groups, the course is unfortunately closed to visitors.

We kindly ask visitors to inform the caddiemaster beforehand whether they can play (023 – 571 8456 or via caddiemaster@kennemergolf.nl). The caddiemaster takes the regular occupation of the course into account when admitting visitors. A maximum of 12 visitors are allowed in the morning and in the afternoon. Visitors are requested to adhere to the instructions of the caddiemaster.

Guest groups of more than 12 people can only be booked through the manager (manager@kennemergolf.nl). Guest groups of less than 10 people are admitted on all days, with the exception of Sundays, which can be booked via the caddiemaster, provided that the course occupation allows this. The course is reserved for members between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Honorary-, Playing-, Youth- and Corporate members, when playing along, may introduce a maximum of 3 people at a time, to be registered in advance at the caddiemaster. On Sundays introduction is only permitted after 1 p.m. in winter and after 2 p.m. in summer.

Members with guests must inform the caddiemaster in advance which start time is desirable; a fixed start time cannot be reserved. A guest must be skilled in playing golf; the golfing ability of the guest is the responsibility of the member. Introducés may play 5x a year on our course. Spouses of members may play 5x a year on our course.

A member group with guests, consists of more than 4 players and at least 40% members. Member groups must book in advance at the caddiemaster. The rate is € 65,- for non-members. For a member group with a smaller number of members than 40%, the rate of € 150,- applies above the excess of two guests per member.


Members, with a maximum exact handicap of 24.0, of the golf clubs Eindhovensche Golf, Toxandria, de Pan, Noordwijk, Broekpolder, Rosendaelsche, Hilversumsche, Koninklijke Haagsche and Kennemer can play on each other’s courses for a reduced rate (max. 4 players), maximum 5x a year. You must always be informed in advance by telephone at the caddiemaster of the club in question whether you can play. Members of the aforementioned clubs are always welcome in the clubhouse, even without playing.


PGA (A&B) cardholders can play 5 x a year – without paying greenfee – on Mondays, after agreement with the Head professional and the caddiemaster.

Opening hours

Our clubhouse is open for members and visiting players from 8.30 hours till 22.00 hours. Opening times may vary during the winter period. The driving range is open from 7.00 am till 9.30 pm.

Club Restaurant de Kennemer

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