The Kennemer Golf & Country Club offers an expatriate membership to a person who works as an official for a multinational company operating in or from the Netherlands on a temporary basis. The membership can be extended to his/her spouse and they should both be residing temporarily in the Netherlands, preferably in the surrounding of ‘de Kennemer’.

The terms of these regulations are applicable to membership, alongside and in addition to the terms of the statutes and the rules and regulations of the club. This includes amongst others, that:

  • the management of the club is the sole authority to decide over both admission of members including expatriatres, as well as changing an expatriate membership into another form of membership.
  • the management decides if and how many expatriate memberships are to be admitted as of the beginning of a calendar year.
  • the expatriate membership is extended for the duration of 1 calendar year with a maximum of 4 calendar years.
  • the management may permit interim admittance.
  • the management has the authority to decide not to continue the membership as of the new calendar year if the expatriate member does not appear to fit into the club. It is not possible to contest this decision by appealing to the Commission of Appeal.
  • Expatriate members who continue to reside in the Netherlands after their expatriate membership has been terminated and who wish to apply for a regular membership may do so in accordance with article 3 of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Each year the management determines the contribution of the expatriate membership. At the moment this amounts to € 4.300,- per year. Expatriate members are also obliged to settle the NFG contribution.
  • With the exception of the Club Championships expatriates are permitted to take part in all the matches of the club with due regards to the rules concerning these matches. In the case of a cup match it is possible for the expatriate to win the cup.
  • Expatriate members can participate in both the competition teams of the club and in the commissions of the club.
  • The management is entitled to change the rules at any time. The management may also decide at what moment in time the altered regulations will be put into effect.

For further information please contact the Secretary of the Board, mrs. A.J. (Anouk) van der Veen, via